“seriously, if I could roll the clock back,” what I would do differently is ___ …!

11.00 am, Tuesday, 27/10/2015,

the first thing I might do differently is to make an effort to  ___ …connect with as many seniors and older elders as would connect with me with natural face to face conversation and ___ …I would listen and observe and ___ …I would try to apply their righteous advice and ___ …I would share with them my thoughts and feelings and socialize a bit, and God willing, make an effort to get to know them as a real person, ___ …I would offer to help them in any way possible and in many ways and in every righteous way.  – 11.11 am.




what I might do next or at some point is to ask if they had an interest in what I am hoping to do ___ …which is to get a healing center up and running. NOT a nursing home and NOT an ALC but a healing center run by volunteers for helping those who just don’t fit into what is currently available for cash payment. – 11.22 am

______________________________11.34 am___

But Father, what do You have planned for me at this point?     – 11.54 am.

Father, it is my hope to be righteous and to serve You; to fear You and to think upon Your name. see Malachi 3: 18 and Malachi 3:16 – added this content 12.30 pm.


Jesus, what do You have planned for me at this point? ___ …Feed the lambs?, the sheep?, the flock of God which is among us? see John 21:15,16,17 and 1 Peter 5:2 ___…bring to You the other sheep not of this fold? see John  10:16  -12.34 pm.

___________________12.10 pm., __________________________________

so that after the divisions and the separations;  after the conflict, contention and strife; AND ___ …after all of our iniquity is taken away ___ …when there is healing ___ …when there is one fold and one shepherd …You Lord Jesus.  12.56 pm.  content added 5.25 am, 28/10/2015.


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