I have a special jar of maraschino cherries waiting for you

11.43 am, Friday, 30/10/2015,

and I have two cents and three 3 1/2 inch elastic bands.

one elastic is tied in a loose knot that anyone could easily untie.

a second elastic is not tied in a knot.

the third elastic is tied in a knot so tight that I doubt anyone can untie it.

___ …there is an important point to be made here, if you have time.


– 11.47 am, 30.10.2015. “do you have time, or NOT?”


it boils down to: “is this important to you?”  -11.56 am

edit added 6.46 am, 31.10.2015, Thank You Father, Thank You Lord Jesus.


I suggest that you and I review Deuteronomy 30:19 together sometime, if and when you have the time.  -11.59 am., 30/10/2015.   + together – 9.39 am, 31/10/2015



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