so what is the real barrier for you? …for me? …for him, her, them and for others?

9.00 am, 30/10/2015.

if you are good and stuck and getting frustrated ___ …

___ …I’m asking if you know: “what is the barrier for you?”  -10.05 am

___ …I’m also asking: “what is missing?”  – 9.54 am.

___ …if you are in a hurry, in a big rush, got to go now. No time. That is your choice.

___ …but if you have that 5 or 10 precious minutes to spare, then join me while we read slowly together Matthew 9:13, 1 Timothy 2:3,4, 2 Peter 3:9 and then Luke 13:3,5.

___ …if  you and I are still talking at this point, let us review together Psalm 103:3-22 and Titus 2:14

this edit is added 1253pm  30/10/2015, ___ …if you and I are past the division of Luke 12:50-52  and ___ …past the fightings without and the fears within  addressed again in 2 Corinthians 7:5  -1.00 pm.

___ …where do we go from here …eh?   Matthew 18:19-20

I am believing for health and for wellness and for life for myself and for many other believers who will ___ …seek God righteously ___ …with all of their hearts. – added 9.39 am.       and those who will ___ …endure the endless temptations in all points see Hebrews 4:16 and ___ …whatever else is necessary and required

____________________________ …I do believe that there are shortcuts if you are interested: _______

___ … and if we agree to dig deeper? Ephesians 4:3 to 4:16 and Amos 3:3.

_______________________-9.27 am,. ______________30/10/2015_______

you just don’t open a locked door until you use a key that fits …eh!  -10.01 am., 30/10/2015.


so what is the missing key for you? for me? -10.02 am.

___ …what is the missing key for him, for her, for them?

___ …we must customize!  – it’s NOT one size fits all….. until we turn the last corner and are in the home stretch.


I think, in our impatience, we want an answer right away and it seems to me that God wants us to seek and to search diligently until we learn patience and are satisfied with HIS plans for us and we find JOY and PEACE and are thankful and give God Our Father the honour and the glory and the praise that Sons and daughters give to the dads they love with all the heart and soul and mind and strength…eh!

____________________________10.13 am.

___ …do you see what I see?

___ …do you and I agree on this much?

in my experience, I believe that there are various stages and there is key to unlock a door to the next stage or to the next phase if you can see that.  – 11.14 am., 30/10/2015.

___ …do you see what I see?

___ …do you and I agree at this point?

_____________________11.15 am., _________30/10/2015._______________

Father, I’m believing for health and for wellness and for life for those who desire to know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. see John 17:3 and 17:6-26  edit added Father, at 8.49 am, 01/11/2015.

___ …as difficult as that might seem to be until we turn the  last corner and have your perfect love Father and through Jesus * we have perfected faith without fear.


– through Jesus and through the *good works that perfects our faith.   see James 2:22 and James 2:24  9.48 am/31

___ …caveat, see Titus 3:5   – 9.52 am.


Sir, Ma’am, ___ …if you are open to receive from me, I have a suggestion of a *customized offer to be prepared for you  -12.12 pm, 30/10/2015.      * – 9.31 am, 31/10/2015


title edit  –  9.11 am, 31/10/2015



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