what is required to get our attention?, my attention? your attention? ___ …eh?

11.42 pm, Thursday, 29/10/2015

___ … join me briefly and let us read together Job 1:1 to Job 1:21

___ …Psalm 103:3-22

___ …Deuteronomy 30:19

___ …read with me Jeremiah 17:9

___ …read Hebrews 4:15

___ …read Titus 2:14

___ …read Hebrews 4:16

____________________11.50 pm., _______________29/10/2015__________

The LORD gave and the LORD hath taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD.    – 11.52 am., 29/10/2015        ___ … question, 8.33 am., 30/10/2015, did Job figure it out? ___ …did he get the picture? I think so, BUT what about God’s people today. let me ask this question ___ …who sees what God Our Father is wanting us to see and to understand what He wants us to do? and NOT doany more?    this edit, 8.39 am., 30/10/2015.


this edit inserted here 543 am, 31/10/2015. My understanding is that what we do and do not do is NOT about what I think and NOT about what you think NOR about what any man or woman on this planet thinks, BUT about what God the Father wants from HIS people through HIS SON Jesus Christ…period.  548 am.


what I see and what I am shown again and again is:

___ …turn to me!  ___…return to me!   ___ …seek me diligently and ___ …you shall find me when you search for me with all your heart.  -11.58 pm.


___ … what will it take to get our full attention?  ___ …individually, each in his or her prayer closet when we come before God and open up our hearts to the Father?     Do you ask: “what’s holding us back?”

Do you enquire: “Is it some teeny tiny little but important step that I’m missing?”

__________________________                                        ___ …and collectively when we gather together with other believers in the name of Jesus

…on a new day?

_______12.04 am., 30/10/2015 __


…in a NEW way?

_____________12.12 am., 30/10/2015.


read a testimony from stepinfaith.org 2011/10/ Job1:21

_________________________________12.27 am.

will it take what worked for Job to work for you?

______________________12.33 am., 30/10/2015.

feed my lambs and feed my sheep and feed the flock. Bring other sheep …………….and there shall be one fold

………..and one shepherd.

_______________________12.43 am., 30/10/2015.


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