“who will I work with?”

___ … anyone who asks for my help.

___ … a “good” Christian or a non Christian

___ …a faithful 40 year student of the Bible or someone who never reads a Bible

___ …

_________________7.49 am, 20.11.2015 ______________________________


it is my hope and it is my heart’s desire

7.20 am, 20.11.15

___ … to establish a *special health and wellness and healing centre

___ … here is Saskatchewan, if at all possible,

___ … and as soon as possible

____________________7.21 am, 20.11.2015 _________________________

___ … Father, I ask You today, in Jesus name to continue to lead me by the way that I should go. -7.24 am., 20.11.2015.



Canada and Canadians, I’m ready to offer you my two cents worth for free

___ … if and when you are open to receive from me

___ …  is your first key

___ … let me outline for you some of the main conditions

_____ it is now 4.29 am, Friday, 20/11/2015, ____________

___ … and yes, God willing, I am now ready to proceed!

___ … full speed ahead!

__________________________4.35 am, 20.11.2015 __________

___ … first we’ll read together John 4:24, John 3:16,17 and Matthew 18:19,20.

___ … second, we will quickly review yesterday’s odd jobs post to make a key point.

___ … third, you tell me if and when you are ready to choose to make your break out of smoke and mirrors and into truth and into reality, out of the world system and into the kingdom of God and out of the flesh and into the Spirit.

___ … caution, please do not think for a minute that you can attempt to do both.

___ … if you want to be free and if you want to be free indeed, you must 1,2,3,4,5

1, discover what to do and what not to do. 2, learn how to do this that and the other, not only right but righteously. 3, be open to receive understanding, guidance and correction as needed. 4, be open to receive grace and mercy and spiritual help as needed. 5  _____it is now 6.05 am, 20.11.2015___ I’m going to post this much for the moment and then return to edit when it is clear what should be posted here.___

___ … ok, now, if we agree to this point, back to your breakout

___ … this year 2015?

___ … for sure sometime next year in 2016?

___ … undecided., ___ … not sure when, ___ … may be soon!, ___ … may be never!

___ … you do not need to pack a lunch, ___ … just come.

________________5.15 am, 20.11.2015 ____________________________

intended focus: ___ … individuals, couples and families in participating communities

________________ 5.29 am, 20.11.2015 _____________________________

my hope, desire, goal, objective, aim: “batting a thousand for the whole season…eh!”

_____________________5.33 am, 20.11.2015 ________ _______________

and _6.15 am, 20.11.2015, ___ it is now time for me to clarify my role in this process __

___ …   ???    > …,   >> …,   >>> …..,  >>> +,  ++,   +++   >>>  < +++++ > – 7.01 am

___________________6.30 am, 20.11.2015 ______________________

___ … be thankful every day! see odd jobs wanted asap posted 2.52 am, 19.11.2015

___ … Thank You Father for Your GREAT LOVE for all of us. Thank You for sending us Your Son Jesus to do for us all He has done for us and for sending us Your Holy Spirit to guide us to all truth and to show all of us all things to come.

_____________________6.33 am, 20.11.2015 ______________________

___ … currently, too much is missed!  and the costs are much too high! – 6.49 am.

“currently, who is doing what to help who with what?”

8.45 am., 19.11.2015

___ … and what are the voids, gaps, shortfalls, pitfalls, and all of the various difficulties which ill people face daily?

___ … and what are the details of each problem?

___ … what is the nature of the assistance people require?

_________________________8.49 am., 19.11.2015 ______________

___ … what are the current opportunities to overcome?

__________________________9.49 am., 19.11.2015 ______________

___ … who understands preventive maintenance? – 9.55 am, 19.11.2015.

___ … who will read John 10:10 and John 10:16 with me?  -10.00 am., 19.11.2015

odd jobs wanted a s a p

12.41 am., 19.11.2015



my offer is to both Christians and non Christians alike

it is up to you to decide for yourself and it is up to you to choose, but

I invite you to consider fully all what is being offered to Canadians at this time

___ … please follow my initial progress from here on in:

___ … God willing,

___ … one, two, three, four, five.

___ … provide me with a few odd jobs a s a p

___ … look and listen and hear this “story” first hand!

___ … review with me Ephesians 4:28 and a few other key verses.

___ … my hope is to establish a * special health, wellness and healing center!

___ … here in Saskatchewan, if at all possible, ___ … and now, as soon as possible!

– 12.55 am., 19.11.2015______________

___ … what will the nature of this * health and wellness and healing center be?

___ … what will be ** so different about it?  ___ … and why will it be *** so unique?

– 1.15 am., 19.11.2015 _____________________



___ … ok, I’m back.  it is now 1.44.am, Thursday 19.11.2015_____

___ … “Here is the pitch, ladies and gentlemen:”

___ … my hope, plan, aim, goal and intention is to articulate, illustrate and demonstrate

…………………for each individual, couple and family in participating communities………..

……..all of the righteous steps together with

………………..all of the right steps needed to resolve each of the problems present

___ … in the physical              ___ … in the mental           ___ … in the emotional

___ … in the social                  ___ … in relationships



and for those who are strong and of good courage

___ … in the bumpy transitional                       and  ___  …………….. in the spiritual

……………………..it is now 2.16 am., 19.11.2015 _________________

if you see an error, flaw, fault, gap, void, deficiency, ___ … please speak up.

_______________ 2.28 am., 19.11.2015______________________

Thank You Father for Your GREAT LOVE for all of us and for sending us Your Son Jesus to do for us all He has done for us and for sending us Your Holy Spirit to guide us to all truth and to show us all things to come.

___________________2.52 am., 19.11.2015____________________

___ … I’ve made this offer before. I’ll make the offer again. God willing, I’ll make house calls to any city, town, village or farm house in Saskatchewan that I am able to get to. When I was a youth and a teen ager, I spent my summers on a ranch south of Mortlach Saskatchewan. To get to and from the Fred Lahrman ranch, seventy years ago, it was my summer job to open and close six barb wire gates.

___________________3.04 am., 19.11.2015_____________________

___ … my dob is October 2nd, 1935. I am an active 80 year old elder. I climb up and down 120 flights of stairs daily …that’s 1080 steps. Since turning 80, I have started easing back into doing regular strength training. Currently, I am able to comfortably carry 40 pounds up or down 2 flights of stairs. I do carefully watch my posture and my alignment. God willing, within a reasonable time, I will comfortably carry an 80 pound back pack. To date, I have no pain. I also watch my diet, thoughts, attitudes and habits.

______________________3.33 am., 19.11.2015 ____________________

as an aside, 40 and 50 year old adults with health and wellness problems are invited to “see for yourself” what an 80 year old elder can still do if and when the process is taken seriously and the righteous steps are diligently sought and the right steps are taken.

_____________________3.44 am., 19.11.2015 ___________________

___ … when I get the go ahead, I will begin to fund raise exactly $180,000,000.00.

______________________4.14 am., 19.11.2015 __________________

______________________4.30 am., 19.11.2015 __________________

___ … God is saying to me: “you be still   and think of ME!” see Psalm 46:10

___ … and know that I am God:

___ … I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

_____________________4.35 am., 19.11.2015 , // – 4.44.am ________

_____________________4.53 am., 19.11.2015 ___________________

___ … But the LORD of hosts shall be exalted in judgment,

___ …  and God that is holy shall be sanctified in righteousness.

___ … that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ,

________________________5.03 am., 19.11.2015 __________

___ … just completed 120 flights for today’s warm-up – 5.53am., 19.11.2015___

___ … is the fullness of Joy and perfect peace anywhere on your wish list?

___ … what is on your wish list that is a priority to you?

___ … do you even have a wish list?

___ 6.03 am., 19.11.2015.

___ … read 2 Chronicles 7:14 with a friend, soon! _______6.15 am., 19.11.2015

________________it is now 7.01 am., 19.11.2015____________and__________

___ … one of my gifts is an ability to see and understand detail which many people miss until it is carefully pointed out to them in the particular way they see and understand and when they are not distracted by whatever.

___ … and for many, this understanding does not come until they actually do it.

___ … As a solution, I propose to put together short presentations with relevant demonstrations and then arrange to make these available on a timely basis.

___ … I can already see this working and doing the job needed!

___ … so, if you are having problems and you do want better solutions!

________________________________________- 7.21 am., 19.11.2015 ____

___ … currently, too much is missed! and the costs are too great!  – 7.39 am.

edits are in order …eh!

7.55 am, Wednesday, 18.11.2015,

___ … yes, edits are in order.

___ … my first challenge is that wordpress is operating differently today.  oh well that’s life for those of us living in the fast lane …eh!

___ … one of the edits I would like to make today is adding the option of including programs for memory training and mental exercise. I’ll go add the edit and record it here later. I reviewed the Alzheimer Society website yesterday and they have some excellent content that could be and should be shared with many older adults and seniors. – the  underline was added 6.35 am., 19.11.2015 to emphasize taking this action.

The power went off just before 5.am this morning and although I have a flashlight beside my bed, I still had to feel for it to find it. I did pretty good by memory, but it is a wakeup call to make the effort at some point in order to be ready. You just never know when.

_____ … this special edit added 12.48 pm – at 4.44am, I was shown that the previous evening when someone acted very badly, I did not have to bite my tongue to keep silent. I was able to show mercy and compassion and to just let it go. > this is ___ … a major breakthrough! ___ … and a major breakout! Again, Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for providing real time opportunities to learn to behave righteously and to grow up spiritually even as an  80 year old elder.

– edits were added to the November 14, 2015 post: Sir, Ma’am, will you help

___ … there is a great need for mental exercise, for memory training and for special customized support that is very highly individualized.  -9.03 am, 18.11.2015.

___ … I believe that when this statement is fully understood and fully applied spiritually and in truth, the miracle healings will begin to manifest in abundance …eh!

___ … meanwhile, I/we will carry on as best we can.

another content edit added to the 15.11.2015 post: I’m inviting the people of Moose Jaw. This edit is a request to carefully review John10:10 and John 10:16. Again and again, we have the choice to follow God’s directions very carefully on every point or we allow ourselves to be deceived on every point and seduced at every turn and eventually overwhelmed and then lost.

___ … this edit added 1.05 pm, 18.11.2015, who wants a life of perfect peace? and who prefers chaos and confusion? Yours to choose. see Isaiah 26:3, Jeremiah 17:5 and others.

___ … do you want to discover for yourself how it works?

___ … anytime soon?