Sir, Ma’am, ___ …how do I say this so that you do get the picture ___ …and that you do in fact fully understand

4.36 am, Monday, 02/11/2015.

___ …speak my words unto them

___ …give them warning from me

___ …warn the wicked

this edit added 3.52 pm., 02.11.2015 – warn the wicked that he turn from his wickedness whatever that might be and that he turn from his wicked way.   – no excuses.   – 3.59 pm

___ …warn the righteous man that he sin not

___ …see Ezekiel 17

whether they will hear

or whether they will forbear


warn them:

many are _________________at the end of their rope

many are ____________________running out of time

many are __________________running out of mercy

___ …except and unless and only if and only when …then…

____________4.44 am., ______________02/11/2015.

_____________________6.56 am., 02/11/2015____________________

___ … many be called, but few chosen because,

and because

and because ….because….because…because….because…. because…because….because…because….because….

…..if you shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, you are guilty of all.

….and yet Jesus is able to save you or save me to the uttermost if and when you or I or both of us  ___ …come unto God ___ …by him

___ …do you see?    ___ … do you understand?

_________________________________7.07 am., 02/11/2015___________

___ Sir/Ma’am…do you fully agree?

___ … do you partially agree?

___ …do totally disagree?

“Father, am I saying this right?”



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