who wants to maintain good to excellent health and wellness in their 60s and in their 70s and all through their 80s?

11.09 am., Friday, 13.11.2015,

content added 11.11 am., it is my strong belief that adults and older adults and seniors and elders can easily learn how to find good to excellent physical health and emotional wellness and then can easily learn how to maintain it over time.

___ … who is willing to make the effort to learn how?


___ … we should look at improving our relationships.


___ … a healthy spiritual life should be our prime goal.

– this content added 8.07 am, 14.11.2015.


___ … may I ask if you are also interested in improving your relationships and are you interested in building a healthy spiritual life for yourself and for your family?


___ … from what I see, the missing key is a lack of clarity and a lack of honesty which is a need for truth and often a mismatch in regards to what is needed and/or wanted and/or required and what is available and exactly what it is that is being offered.   – 8.34 am., 14.11.2015.


___ … who is interested in learning what to do and how to do this, that and the other, in order  to  ___ … get more out of their own life ?  – content added 7.31 am, 17.11.2015


and then ___ … learn how to get even much MORE out of life after that?     -8.51 am., 14.11.2015


___ … this content added 7.37 am, 17.11.2015, wanted role models who see it and who do understand it,


___ … who are ready to learn all of the do’s and all of the don’ts, ___ … who do want to change, and who realize they must work together with like minded believers


and that they must ___ …turn to God and return to God and seek Him and search for Him diligently with all of their hearts ___ … in a godly and ___ … in a righteous way.



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