Sir, Ma’am, will you help? will you ___ … learn what to do to help yourself!, and then ___ … learn how to help others too!

7.29 am, Saturday, 14.11.2015

50% of Canadians are over 50 …eh!

but from what I see,

___ … and from what I read, all Canadians need help finding better physical health!

___ … who is ready to look into what you would need to do to get into shape and stay there or shape up a bit more? For myself at 80, I ‘m currently doing 120 flights of stairs daily and carrying 40 pounds of weight up and or down two flights of stairs.  The plan is to very gradually increase that to also carrying an 80 pound back pack.

___ … and you are aware that Olga Kotelko increased her strength training in her early 90s and was reported to be as strong as other athletes 30 years younger than herself.

___ … and what would you like to learn to do safely?

___ … and help finding a comprehensive “quality” fully customized wellness program!

___ … what is your interest here?  – 12.00 noon, 17.11.2015.

___ … this edit added 8.39 am, 18.11.2015, there is a need for memory training, customized mental exercise and support. My belief is that Parkinson’s disease and other dementia will be cured when the patient has the faith and the love but without  fear. see Psalm 103:3  & Titus 2:14

___ … and many individuals need help to establish healthy interpersonal relationships!

___ … talking about it, is not like doing it, right! 12.03 pm

___ … and there are several important social needs to fill as well …eh!

___ … think of the possibilities! – 12.04 pm. 17.11.2015.

___ … and then, who will seek the blessings of a righteous and godly spiritual life!

___ …put that much together and then move forward into the fully balanced lifestyle!

___ … who sees what I see?

___ … who sees a GREAT and wonderful opportunity?

___ … who agrees it is time to do much about “it” and “it“?

___ … and who wants to actively participate?


___ … do not exclude yourself!

___ … all age groups are needed!

___ … older adults, seniors and elders needed!

___ … who is ready to actively participate now?

___ … all age groups need to actively participate!

___ … adults needed in their 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s!


___ … I’ve just turned 80 and I am actively participating!

___ …more to come!

___ … stay tuned!




___ … younger adults in their 30s and 40s needed too!



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