I see three huge opportunities …ladies and gentlemen!

8.25 am, Sunday, 15.11.2015,

first, each one of us can learn to help our selves better and we can do much more.

second, each person can make greater effort to help our family and close friends and associates more.

thirdly and perhaps more important, we can seek and search for God’s guidance and then make the effort to follow God’s instructions individually on our own and at other times collectively together to help those who are typically overlooked and generally neglected by society.    – content added 5.55 am, 16.11.2015.

 I can provide you with some relevant detail! and then with much more detail!

first see Isaiah 42:22 and Isaiah 58:6 – Isaiah 59:2. and Galatians 5:13 – 6:10

the opportunity at this time is enormous!

– 8.59am., Sunday, 15.11.2025   – Galatians edit added 7.23 pm, 15.11.2015

what I see is a very personal invitation from God our Father:

___ … to “repair” our breach with him!, and with one another.

___ … and to “Restorethe righteous paths for His people to dwell in!

– 9.14 am., 15.11.2015   ……………….two edits added, 7.23pm, 15.11.2015.


___ … join me and review together Matthew 22:37,39 and Mark 12: 28-31.



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