I’m inviting the people of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan to look at today’s elderchanges.wordpress.com post and I ask if they see the opportunity I see?

9.43 am, Sunday, 15.11.2015, 9.49 am

___ … I’m ready to roll up my long sleeves and I’m ready to go to work

___ … I need a very tiny place to be still, to rest and to sleep.

___ … and a very small space to work out of.

___ … and a handful of adult volunteers.

___ … what needs to be done is very easy to do.

___ … and it is not difficult to understand.

___ … “no keeping of secrets!”

___ … “keep records?”

___ …”yes!”

___ … what I plan to say and what I intend to do is all out in the open!

___ … yes, there are critical gaps and voids and deficiencies in Canada’s current health care that can all be thoroughly overcome …. each and every one.

___ … and they must be overcome if Canadians want health and wellness and life.

___ … in my view, the biggest flaw by far in Canada’s current health care system is Canada’s very polite, but lukewarm *and/or indifferent and as cold as ice Christians!    * this edit added 8.12 am, 16.12.2015

___ … this content added 8.20 am, 16.12.2015: if we count today as day one, it is now 10 days until Christmas.     ___ … and may I ask: what is the true meaning of Christmas in 2015, Charlie Brown?

___ … God willing, with overcoming and righteous change in mind and on our minds,

___ … and with a little local input, say, from the friendly City of Moose Jaw, Sask.

___ … or you name the perfect spot to do this initiative.

____where? ___ … where to start!, ___ …where to begin!


___ … yes, I’m ready!  ___ … I’m prepared to do my part!


___ … I could help launch a fresh new innovative health and wellness healing centre.

-10.01 am  – content edits 6.10 am, Monday, 16.11.2015. and more edit 7.10 am

-12.00 noon, – content edits,18.11.2015, after all is said and done and the dust settles, what then? see John 10:10 and then John 10:16 where Jesus said: other sheep I have,  them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.


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