edits are in order …eh!

7.55 am, Wednesday, 18.11.2015,

___ … yes, edits are in order.

___ … my first challenge is that wordpress is operating differently today.  oh well that’s life for those of us living in the fast lane …eh!

___ … one of the edits I would like to make today is adding the option of including programs for memory training and mental exercise. I’ll go add the edit and record it here later. I reviewed the Alzheimer Society website yesterday and they have some excellent content that could be and should be shared with many older adults and seniors. – the  underline was added 6.35 am., 19.11.2015 to emphasize taking this action.

The power went off just before 5.am this morning and although I have a flashlight beside my bed, I still had to feel for it to find it. I did pretty good by memory, but it is a wakeup call to make the effort at some point in order to be ready. You just never know when.

_____ … this special edit added 12.48 pm – at 4.44am, I was shown that the previous evening when someone acted very badly, I did not have to bite my tongue to keep silent. I was able to show mercy and compassion and to just let it go. > this is ___ … a major breakthrough! ___ … and a major breakout! Again, Thank You Father and Thank You Lord Jesus for providing real time opportunities to learn to behave righteously and to grow up spiritually even as an  80 year old elder.

– edits were added to the November 14, 2015 post: Sir, Ma’am, will you help

___ … there is a great need for mental exercise, for memory training and for special customized support that is very highly individualized.  -9.03 am, 18.11.2015.

___ … I believe that when this statement is fully understood and fully applied spiritually and in truth, the miracle healings will begin to manifest in abundance …eh!

___ … meanwhile, I/we will carry on as best we can.

another content edit added to the 15.11.2015 post: I’m inviting the people of Moose Jaw. This edit is a request to carefully review John10:10 and John 10:16. Again and again, we have the choice to follow God’s directions very carefully on every point or we allow ourselves to be deceived on every point and seduced at every turn and eventually overwhelmed and then lost.

___ … this edit added 1.05 pm, 18.11.2015, who wants a life of perfect peace? and who prefers chaos and confusion? Yours to choose. see Isaiah 26:3, Jeremiah 17:5 and others.

___ … do you want to discover for yourself how it works?

___ … anytime soon?


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