more than a Charlie Brown Christmas starting this year …eh!

8.48 am, Thursday, 17.12.2015,

if we include today, there are 9 days left until this Christmas.

I purchased the “A Charlie Brown Christmas” DVD and one copy of the children’s book for Ages 4 and up.

Linus takes the stage to explain what Christmas is all about ….or may I add what it is often about or usually about if and when we do not know the true meaning and/or don’t really care to know the whole truth.

May I ask if anyone wants to know the true meaning of Christmas?

The Bible has the answer.

Does anyone want to know what the Bible reveals to us?

If we look carefully, you and I can discover the true meaning of Christmas!

* the above edit added 12.01….12.13 pm, 17.12.2015.


* join me for a minute or two each day for the next few days



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