but he that doeth truth cometh to the light

___ … that his deeds  may be made manifest that they are wrought in God.

if you are puzzled and confused, please don’t be surprised, because the real truth and the whole truth is kept hidden and out of sight by those who do know and kept out of mind for the most part for selfish and worldly reasons.

Today, God willing, I’m getting the Library’s copy of Charlie Brown Christmas.

“How much of the truth is revealed and how much is kept hidden … eh?”  … in this 50 year old classic…lauded and praised since 1965. * content edit added, 11.27 am, 31.12.2015.  I’m asking you to investigate and to discover  just how much of the absolutely essential truth is not included.

___… join me tomorrow for a minute or two or for one solid hour

Xx, no butting heads and Xx no locking horns.

___ … God willing, not any more for me.

___ … the goal as a mature believer is to speak the truth in love and by love to serve one another.

___ … * this edit added 9.10 am, 30.12.2015

___ … or, we will all suffer dire consequences… eh!

___ … let us review John 3:15-21and 36, 1 John 1:7, Isaiah 9:6 and Titus 2:14

…..posted 9.15 am, 29.12.2015_______________

Our Bible will tell us and reveals the truth if we read it and study it and ask in faith and pray for the correct knowledge and the full understanding needed to overcome each and every barrier and to complete “the walk”…individually and collectively.


should we not ASK ourselves what must I do and not do and what must we do and not do in order to appropriate the promises of God? -9.20 am, 30th.


I’m asking: “Father, what will it take to get the full attention of others for just one minute or two?”

and … Sir? …. Ma’am?… now, I’m asking you.

-9.40 am, 30.12.2015.


check it out: who is walking in darkness? deceived? double minded?, impatient? believes not?


check it out:

who is overcome with unbelief? building their house on the sand? profess that you know God; but in works they deny him, and they are teaching for doctrine the commandments of men?


now, check this out for yourself:

are you caught up in the cares of the world and in the deceitfulness of riches? have you became a true friend of the world and you are now the enemy of God? … eh? – 9.55 am, Wednesday, 30.12.2015


spiritually they are very stuck in a very bad rut!


what can they do about it?

___ … and what can you do about it, Sir?___ …Ma’am?

– this edit added 8.49 – 8.59 am, 07.01.2016

what could those who know better actually do to help them ?

___ … that all depends on each person….on their attitude….on their mind set.  Are they willing to acknowledge whatever it is that they are doing wrong and then will they repent and give up their wicked and their unrighteous ways?  …too much of a sacrifice for some …  it seems  … they get TOO comfortable in the flesh and overlook what they must do and how to do it… individually and collectively to get into the Spirit and stay in the Spirit in order to complete the redemption and the purification.



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