“Who wants health and wellness?” “Who wants their health back soon?”

7.19 am, 03.01.2016,

“And does anyone want life?”… a real life! …life in the spirit! … eternal life!

– 7.21 am


___ …if you do, I would like to encourage you

if you have gotten this far and you are still game to continue on, then you have an excellent chance to make it all the way through to victory.

all of these things are possible to those that believe and who understand what to do and to those who then simply do what needs to be done.


in one way it is all so simple and easy to understand and yet in another way it is all incomprehensible. Do you understand the difference between the truth and fabricated lies? You must learn to discern. This is a must! This is one of the key breakthrough and essential breakout points: > if and when you learn to discern the difference between good and EVIL. If you are not quite there yet,  God willing, it will come soon for you.


A little twist and the truth is a lie. Some wolves will even tell you it doesn’t matter.


Do you understand that salvation is received as a blessing at the end of our faith ….not part way along.  see 1 Peter 1:9.  We must endure to the end. We must stay the course. see Matthew 24:13. Jesus was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. see Hebrews 4:15.


yes, we need truth, patience, faith, works, Jesus, repentance, spirit, love.


___ … so, where do we start if we are new at this, or how do we get back on track if we have slipped a little or if we have slipped a lot?  ___ … join me at John 3, 1 John 1:7 or Colossians 1:9

___ … if and when you are willing, it will take you one minute or two

___ … if you are not willing, it may never happen for you.

_______________8.21 am, 03.01.2016_____________________

___ … if none of this makes any sense to you, but still you want some help, please ask and if I’m free, I will respond as best I am able at that moment.


this edit added 9.02 am, 03.01.2016, if your problems and needs are in the physical, diet, exercise, falls prevention, de clutter, emotional, social, interpersonal relationships, mental and/or spiritual, I will do my best to help in all of the right ways and God willing, in every perfect way and in every righteous way.  – 9.07 am.



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