Seriously, who wants their health back? and who wants “the good health” they never had?, … but always wanted!

7.57 am, 04.01.2016.

___ … please permit me put it this way: How many Canadians under 50 and how many Canadians over 50 years of age will volunteer to help demonstrate what needs to be done physically, interpersonally, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually in order to return to a healthy state and then to progress from there?

___ … how many people from Saskatchewan will volunteer this year?

___ … are there any communities in Ontario interested in discovering what is possible if and when we learn to live right and choose to live righteously?

___ … is there one teeny tiny town in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec?

___ … how many Christians a Mari usque ad Mare, will volunteer in 2016?

___ … will anyone sit down at any ordinary table with me and calmly read Psalm 103:3 and Titus 2:14, Titus1:16, James 1:22, John 3:20, John 3:21 and then 1 John 1:7?

___ … and then, who will read with me Deuteronomy 28:58-62 and calmly speak to what is written without going ballistic?


I’m believing for a health and wellness and a healing center and I am asking and praying for such a center to God Our Father in heaven in Jesus holy name.    – 8.36 am, 04.01.2015


___ … who is willing to read Job 35:32 and Job 35:23 and then talk about doing it together



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