I am prompted to warn him a third time

6.45 am, 06.01.2016,

whether he will hear or whether he will forbear


at the time of the first warning, he got very mad

at the second warning, he went ballistic and shouted and raged for a very long time. ..and pointed the finger! I was able to stand there calmly without needing to say a word and without having to bite my tongue. Thank You Father for this experience and for this special training.


This Christian friend gives the impression that he  is a stalwart Christian with the most exemplary behaviour.


but with some of his day to day behaviour he says to me:

“don’t believe what you see with your eyes.”

“because I am not a habitual liar.”

” I’m really a very nice guy.”

“I do keep my word.”


” and one day I will.”

___ … and day after day, he says to me: “I’m telling you again today!”

___________________________-7.22 am, 06.01.2016 __________________

this edit added 7.46 am, * who else has not yet figured out that it is not about how good he is or how good we are but about us recognizing how bad we are and about us admitting how bad we are and repenting of every bit of the EVIL revealed in us until it is totally removed and we are made a new vessel and filled up with new wine. 

>  see Matthew 9: 17       – 7.53 am.



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