picture this: you and I hope to communicate and connect with three other people and we need to share critical information with the same understanding and then work together 24/7 in perfect harmony … eh!

Friday, 3.22 am. 08.01.2016:

___ … first of all … I find most people are all over the map in their heads and in their hearts and in the day to day living of the life they choose to live or what fate delivers to their door and only a very few people seeking God’s perfection ever get to the right  page without time and GREAT effort and much patience and all must diligently seek God’s mercy and grace often with a blind faith for a long and hard season.

___ … read John 3:21 and then John 3:15-21

___ … next, read 1 John 1:7

___ … read John 8:12

___ … so the first question is: “Sir, are you willing to pay the price?” “Ma’am are you?


___ … second question: will you give up fleshly impatience and seek godly patience?

….. no more hurry, hurry, hurry, …no more rush, rush, rush, …no more go, go, go


___ … can you let go of that old ugly and the very evil you?

___ … can you give up him or her for ever?


___ … third question: will you give up telling lies and seek to speak the truth in love?


___ … if you are willing ___ … read Matthew 6:33, and then just ___ … do it!


___ … God rewards those who diligently seek HIM, so why not be diligent …eh!


___ … if and when you get bogged down good and tight and everything seems hopeless, save yourself 40 years of being lost in the wilderness or something much worse and turn to God in prayer and ASK about true faith and ASK in Jesus name about genuine repentance.

___ … seek truth, patience, faith, repentance, Jesus, love, more fruit, more truth, unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace, unity of the faith with others, maturity, perfection.


____________________________5.04 am, 08.01.2016_________________________

___ … join me and read John 10:9,10,    ___ …Isaiah 64:4     and ___ … Isaiah 66:1,2

____________________________5.55 am, 08.01.2016_________________________


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