after you warn each of them individually, do not let your guard down!

856am, Saturday, 09.01.2016

___ … you must warn the wicked

___ … you must warn the righteous who have slipped or back slid

___ … you must warn the rest of the house

if the wicked and the righteous and others of the house do not receive the warnings … so be it. Warn him, her and them, whether they will hear, or whether they will forbear:

___ … I’m not to let my guard down

___ … I’m not to waver.

___ … I’m not to lose my focus.

___ … it is time for me to turn over a new leaf and turn to that new page:

Thank You Father for so patiently teaching me and for guiding me and for leading me by the way that I should go all this time. Thank You for the progress over my lifetime.



1, ___ … came out of darkness

2, ___ … made it out of the world

3, ___ … made it through the wilderness

4, ___ …entered into the kingdom of God and * *

5, ___ … soon taught  to discern both good and evil

6, ___ … through Jesus, overcoming temptation in all points

7, ___ …now doing the word, doing the work and doing the Father’s will

8, ___ …if and when, I am ready to be nothing ___ … God will give everything to me.

9, ___ …



Thank You Lord Jesus for working so patiently with me and for profoundly changing me.

_____________________________9.40 am, Saturday, 09.01.2016________________

12.09 pm, 09.01.2016,  see * Joshua 9:14    x: took of their victuals, x: asked not counsel at the mouth of the LORD, x: made peace with them, x: made a league with them, x: let them live.     see *Acts 20:29,30  grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock. x: speaking perverse things , x: to draw away disciples after them.  12.22 pm.




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