“is Ontario still open to community hubs?”

7.39am, Wednesday, 13.01.2016

If Canadians want to solve the current Canadian Health Care Crisis and to avoid the next HUGE crisis already on its way

___ … Canadians must do some thinking and planning and be willing to take action.

___ … Here is one good suggestion: There is  “A community hub” in Ryde Township near the Muskoka town of Bracebridge in Ontario that had been operating and serving that community successfully for 15 years. I have this clipping on file if you would like to read it. This one idea alone could actually save Canadians Billions of Dollars in each and in every province if they worked with the idea and I’ll even tell you how and help set up a functional functioning model.

Selena Ross had an article in the Globe and Mail, Tuesday, August 11, 2015 News, A9

___ … found the clipping while digging through some stored notes. If I see a good idea, I will frequently  ___ … start a file and  ___ … pick it up later. This is one of those ideas that could work well for many small town Canada, coast to coast, a Mari usque ad Mare.

___ … in the late 70’s, I was introduced to the creative thinking method of Walt Disney.

___ …   running out of time…be back later


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