who will review with me: The real problem with Canadian health care by Jeffrey Simpson

___ … from a Special to National Post, October 4, 2012  12:11 PMET

___ … Sir, Ma’am:

___ … here is food for thought… eh!

___ … who will take * responsibility for improving the levels of care?

___ … what is an ALC and what is an ALC patient and where do they fit in?

___ … are you willing to look at the options for yourself and for all other Canadians?

…………………………………..or are you NOT willing?


this edit added 9.34 am. I believe that each person can take more responsibility for their own good health and wellness if the right information and suitable resources are made readily available and then those with the energy and desire can help their own family and close friends and even their neighbors and their whole community.    This is what I see happening in Ontario where community hubs are in operation.  A community hub is anything the people want it to be and it can be exactly what they want it to be and exactly what they need it to be with noteworthy examples to follow on trails blazed by those with the pioneer spirit. -9.45



___ … this is also what God tells his people in the Bible again and again: as one example read with me Jeremiah 17:5 all the way through to Jeremiah 22:15,16 -9.52 am



this edit added 2.34 am, 02.02.2016, who will meet with me over a coffee or a tea and discuss at some length how to help the lonely and those isolated and those who are very much alone in their community for whatever reason.


is Skype a viable option for small town Saskatchewan?


if you and I/and if we found the funding, then we could truthfully say: “the doctor is in and will see you now.” or “someone will be out to see you and visit tomorrow.



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