be proactive! … prepare! ….get yourself ready! … be prepared!

3.03 am, 15.01.2015,

I’m reminded:

“You have this weekend to get yourself ready!”

“You won’t be doing stairs for days …..not for many days!”

___ … ?, ?, ? ___ … so what do I think? ___ … how do I feel?



an inguinal hernia repair is scheduled Tuesday a.m. and then my new ordeal begins

___ … after my friends words of warning, I’m thinking …but….But……BUT what do I do?

___ … what all must be done to prepare?  ___ … to prepare for what?

> I searched on the internet for: rehab after inguinal hernia surgery and reviewed:

1, Recovery & Rehabilitation for hernia surgery, Oct 20, 2015, M. Gideon Hoyle, how to strengthen the abdominal muscles after an inguinal hernia operation.

2, inguinal hernia repair- Recovery NHS hernia repair  when to call a doctor  17/07/2015

3, hernia/pagebuilder.aspx?  -discharge instructions -pain medication – activity? There are 5,000,000 hernia surgeries per year in the US

___ … so here I’m back to asking myself: “what do I do to get ready for what exactly?”

___ … will I be groggy? nauseous? in pain? ___ … will I be steady on my feet or prone to stumble and liable to fall? ___ … can I get up and out of bed easily?  ___ … even at my age which is now past 80 since the fall of 2015, this is all new to me.

___ … falling and breaking a hip is a common hazard due to clutter and poor lighting

___ … so here, I’m back to asking myself: ” what do I need to do to get ready for what?”

I’m told there are many * houses for rent in Saskatoon at this time…perhaps one of them could be turned into an ideal rehab and recovery home for older adults, seniors and elders who are in the same boat as I am…needing to get ready … and needing to prepare … but lack the previous experience and the expertise is not readily available to them in this pressing moment of uncertain need.


What might Dr.  Jeffrey Turnbull from Ottawa’s teaching hospital have to say about my rehab? and appropriate care? I’m only 80, not 94.


Sir, Ma’am, “Do you have anything to say? …or to add?”


___ … I’ll do my laundry so that I have some clean clothes.


___ … it is so refreshing to take slow deep full breaths!


___ … what can be done over this coming weekend to help me and perhaps others later to prepare for the care that will be needed during the initial rehab? and during full recovery however long it takes?


___ … anyone?


___ … any offers?


___ … join me for lunch…it’s on me

___ … what would you like to talk about?

___ … we could talk about eating a good healthy diet

___ … or would you rather discuss solving that back pain



this content added, 4.36 am, Friday, 15.01.2016, ___ … the more I think about renting a house and turning it into a very special and very unique care home with a ** BIG heart to promote suitable and adequate rehab and recovery in the city of Saskatoon and in the Saskatoon Health Region


…..throughout Saskatchewan into our small towns


….and even coast to coast ………all across Canada….a Mari usque ad Mare  …eh!



this content added 4.49 am, 15.01.2016 my idea of a ** BIG heart is a heart that is diligently seeking after God  > we are told: to serve one another by love – see Galatians 5:13 > as a Christian, I know that there is no fear in love: and Christians also know that perfect love cast eth out fear:       – see 1 John 4:18.     ___ … and our God is love.



___ … yesterday, I read about Hugh and Rosemary Finlay, their years of care for their injured son and their recent efforts to establish the Napanee Acquired Brain Injury and Rehabilitation Home.    – 5.04 am.


___ … there is still a HUGE need all across Canada for truth…for correct information and clear understanding of what to do and how to do many things and there is a GREAT opportunity to contribute in many ways and be blessed.

___ …”Teamwork is needed!”

___ …         “in ….the unity of the spirit!”

___ …                              in the bond of peace,


___ … see Jeremiah Chapter 22:16 which says: He judged the cause of the poor and needy; then it was well with him: was not this to know me? saith the LORD.  -5.13 am.


___ … the question then becomes what is adequate care of the poor and the needy and the elderly, what is love and what then is neglect or abuse or just cold hearted indifference.


___ … as for me, how soon can I expect to get back to climbing stairs without risking damaging the hernia repair and/or the incision? Currently I climb up 4 flights or 36 steps and down 4 flights again with another 36 steps. I repeat this 15 times for a total of 120 flights and 1080 steps and I carry weights in both hands on 1/3 of the steps to strengthen my gluteal muscles and to promote better core balance. I lift and move and lift and carry up and down stairs up to 45 pounds. This routine is my own program.


___ … have I done too little to prepare because I lack a clear & true understanding of what all needs to be done?

___ … if so, this is where my focus needs to go ___ … asap!

___ … Thank You Father!  ___ … Thank You Lord Jesus!____

it is now 8.20am, 15.01.2015.  The Solution to Canada’s Health Crisis and Health Care Crisis is staring us in the face, but do we want an easy solution?


or do Canadians actually prefer chaos and confusion?


would Canadians much rather deal with on going daily contention and hourly strife with a minute or two off now and then.


a solution is easy but there are certain specifics

two things are needful and essential:

we must have the spirit and we must have the truth

___ … see John 4:24 and seek a full understanding!


and three more things are needful:

1, as sinners, we must come to repentance   ___ … see Matthew 9:12,13  and then


2, we must put off the old man   ___ … see Ephesians 4:22

3, we must put on  the new man    ___ … see Ephesians 4:24

___ … is all of this clear? ___ … or do you need help here?



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