if you don’t know this about me already, please allow me to tell you once again …

5.52 am., Saturday, 16.01.2016

1, I am trying to be a true, real, genuine Christian ….see Matthew 9:12,13 …looking at my sins and coming to repentance  -5.56 am

2, I study my Bible plenty …see 2 Timothy 3:15,16,17 ….read verse 17 aloud with me

3, if you are not too busy, join me for a minute or two and read with me Amos 3:3.  It says can two walk together, except they be agreed?

4, I diligently seek God …see Hebrews 11:6  ….and I am trying to seek God and search for Him with all my heart …see Jeremiah 29:12,13,14.

5, I have Luke 12:51,52 and 2 Corinthians 7:5 mostly under my belt, difficult people are less and less trouble for me and the altercations are easier and easier to deal with.

6, It is happening … I am becoming strong in the spirit and of good courage and bold but not belligerent.

7, I am looking unto Jesus as the author and finisher and as the perfecter of my faith.  – see Hebrews 12:2

8, more and More and MORE … as my understanding of the truth grows and as my faith increases … the pieces are fitting together and more quickly … problems and difficulties and obstacles and blocks …  just melt away … vanish … Thank You Father! … Thank You Lord Jesus!

9,  by love serve one another   and others … see Galatians 5:13 and Galatians 6:10

10, if we want to get to know another person and if we hope to build a healthy and fruitful relationship with another person and then with God our Father in heaven …we must take time to get to know what they like and get to understand what they dislike

11, who is ready for physical, emotional, mental, social and interpersonal health and who desires to go on to spiritual perfection?  see Hebrews 6:1 – content added 7.20 am, 23.01.2016

12, please read with me Psalm 103:3, Matthew 18:19,20 and 1 John 4:18

13, read this scripture … read Hebrews 6:12 and think about what it tells us to do.

14, Yes, I am believing for a health and a wellness and a total healing center

15, Yes, I am asking God our Father, in Jesus name where to do it?

16, one more scripture today: read Mark 9:23 and ask yourself if you believe or NOT



________________________6.39am, Saturday, 16.01.2016_______________

this content edit added 7.33 am, 16.01.2016.


19, if you are stuck and you want Christian help and support …please be ready to explain as best you can what seems to be the cause of your difficulty as you see it.


20, if you are asking: “what will the response be?” Let me say this: …if the situation is such that you are over your head and out of your depth and at risk of drowning in a lake … the initial response may be to accurately toss you a water rescue ring buoy.


20/20, if all of those involved with your care agree to communicate clearly and truthfully and fully so that the truth and the reality of all of your problems and of your situation are out in the open for evaluation and assessment


we are looking for gaps and voids and deficiencies and for shortfalls that do exist and that can be corrected.




My belief is that millions and millions and Billions of health care dollars now wasted can be redirected into providing good care and better care and even excellent care  to those who are now overlooked and now neglected and in truth now abused.   … it is just too easy to make up excuses.


… so what do I see?


… who sees what I see?


… and what do I believe?


… and who agrees with me?



this is the fact Canadians need to grasp: if we will fully address the spiritual challenges of our lives God’s way, then all of the physical and all of the emotional and all of the interpersonal and social challenges will be …”a piece of cake!”

__________________ 8.39 am, Saturday, 16.01.2016 ___________________

..if you would be comfortable get the ball rolling by putting into your own words what you feel you need and what it is that you want in the way of help and what services you would like to have if they are available and if affordable.


… if we can all agree that the aim, goal and objective is to provide good care and better care and even excellent care and return you to health and wellness and spiritual life as easily and as quickly as possible.


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