so, who is game to do this sugested “community initiative” in their town?

my prediction  and expectation is  that if  and when we open up our hearts to give to others and open up our hearts to receive from others …..then GREAT things will start to happen ……and even miracles will happen!       – 8.49 am., Sunday, 17.01.2016


As I see it, the aim, goal and objective is to promote healthy positive change > id the flaws, faults and errors > id and clarify all voids and each and every gap > look for corrections that can be proven to offer good, Better and the BEST results possible ….work out a plan and follow the plan, keep good records and document the results achieved.


be willing to share openly and fully


make all information readily available to share.


make changes and corrections to better the results.


lead by good, by Better and by the BEST example possible.


the focus can be on diet, physical exercise, mental and emotional health, memory training, falls prevention, recovery and best rehab after minor or major surgery,

improving interpersonal relationships with one another and God willing, even include how to seek and how to secure eternal spiritual life


activities and projects that can be added to this list include growing a vegetable garden, providing low cost housing for seniors in your community, promoting the self sufficiency of older adults, seniors and even elders in their 80s and 90s, living off the grid, solar heating and providing wind power at no long term cost.


___ … and there is much more to add here!


___ … so, who is ready to hear more?

___ …         and who is ready to really get started?


___ … what does your community really need?

___ … what does your community want for improvements?


____10.34 am, Sunday, 17.01.2016_________________


this content added 11.21 am, 17.01.2016,

___ … why live with excruciating back pain as so many do, when chances are that you can id the cause and discover the right solution and a total cure? -11.26am.


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