yes, you and I together with a few others can choose to seek life until we find it and then yes we can have life more abundantly!

3.29 am, Monday, 18.01.2016

___ … please see John 10:9 and then read John 10:10

___ … I believe that some of us should decide to make the effort

___ … initially, the steps can be very difficult, but they do get easier.

___ … and there are good reasons why this is so.

___ … so pay attention, listen up and learn?

_____________________3.36 am., Monday, 18.01.2016_______________________

1, why walk in darkness, when we can have the light of life?  see John 8:12

2, why only hear the word and be deceived. > Better for us to do the word and to learn to do the work and be blessed in our deeds. see James 1:22-27

3, ___ … join me for two minutes and read together Psalm 103:2 and 103:3

4, ___ …decide not to love the world from this day forward. see 1 John 2:15

5, ___ … come out from among worldly and ungodly people, decide to be separate and choose to no longer touch the unclean thing. see 2 Corinthians 6:17,18

6, ___ … consider diligently seeking God. see Hebrews 11:6 and Jeremiah 29:12,13

___________________4.09 am, Monday, 18.01.2016_________________________

Sir/Ma’am, Rejoice and be Thankful, if you have gotten this far. The key is to always turn to God with all of our problems and for all of our needs and to seek His guidance and to seek our Lord Jesus and to call upon Jesus and to ask Jesus in faith without doubting for His mighty strength.


___ … remember that we need faith and we must repent.

___ … let us discuss faith, repentance and the other essentials


___ … now is the time for us to boldly put off the old man which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts of our flesh; see Ephesians 4:22

___ … now is the time for each of us to boldly put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. see Ephesians 4:24.  * content added below


___ … join me and review Joshua 24:14,15 and 31 and let us discuss us truly serving the LORD in our day at this time in this dark hour.

____________________4.32 am, Monday, 18.01.2016_______________________

Yes Linus, Christmas is about a savior born to us in the city of David. But Charlie Brown it is not about decorating a little tree and making a decorated tree work in a play. It’s about us wanting spiritual life and about us learning how to seek life and then it is all about us taking each of the steps and doing them properly and about us overcoming each block and all barriers until we have life abundantly …life in spirit and …in truth. see John 4:24, and see John 10:9 and10:10, John 14:6, John 15:4 and 5, Hebrews 7:25, Titus 2:14 and 2 Timothy 3:12-17.


sorry, impossible if we attempt to do this man’s way.


___ … if we believe and we ask in faith in Jesus name,


___ … if we make the effort to say what we mean and then do what we say, NOT in our strength, but doing more and More and MORE God’s way and then only God’s way … it will happen … we will learn to really care for one another … we will by love serve one another


* content added, 8.08 am, 23.01.2016, who understands that God our spiritual Father in heaven wants us to be perfect and holy? and that HE is the ONE who will make it all happen if we just listen up and do things God’s way!



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