recovery … day 3 …how am I doing?

7.07 am, 22.01.2016,

___ … yes, I’m moving about

___ … I’m moving slowly and being careful.

___ … I am very thankful that I have been physically very active

___ … I’m also thankful that I know quite a bit about the origin, the insertion and the functions of most of the 640 muscles we use every day to move about and to do all of the different things that we do.

___ … had an inguinal hernia repair Tuesday morning.

___ … checking out all of my power points ___ … restrictions ___ … limitations

__ … still coming to terms with what I can and cannot do and what I should not do.

___ … no pain.  ….the surgery area is still very tender, but no real discomfort.

___ … if I place my right hand against my right ileum with three fingers of my left hand that would fully cover the area that is tender

___ … extensive icing helped a lot to reduce the swelling! ___ … placed a tea towel over the area first to reduce the intensity of the cold applied to the swollen site

___ … I’m eating light

___ … drinking lots of water

___ … I am trying to be mindful. But, I’m thinking that if there are 5,000 000 million cases of this surgery done every year in the U.S. some people must have covered the good, the Better and the BEST recovery. But where is all of that “high quality” information now and where is the useful insight for my use and for the benefit of my “speedy” recovery?

___ … the loss of muscle is called sarcopenia and it begins in our 30s. We know that the muscle loss is often 1% in our 30s, 2% in our 40s and 3% after 50. So figure out how much of that external abdominal oblique muscle has been lost by our 60s and 70s and beyond. I suspect that we do not know how to correctly strengthen that particular muscle. What if the exercises people use to strengthen the abdominals actually strengthen other muscles. People say do this or do that but they do not verify the results.

___ … we blindly blunder along ___ … guessing and ___ … assuming.

___ … we could give up this very bad habit!

___ … and we could change!

___________________8.12 am, 22.01.2016 ____________________

this edit added 6.41 am, Saturday, 23.01.2016. And if and when we do change there are abundant physical, emotional,  social, mental and interpersonal rewards and great spiritual blessings already prepared for each of us that most people can’t even imagine. – 6.44 am.



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