my recovery is teaching me things which I could use to help others who find themselves in the same boat

5.48 am, Saturday, 23.01.2016,

___ … as I experience my recovery after surgery, some things really work well

___ … I see things that could be added and things that could be done better.

my thought is this: I should offer to organize a recovery service for small towns and out of the way places. It wouldn’t be that difficult and it could be of great benefit to the person needing the service and a boon to family and friends.  – 6.02 am


Yesterday, I read NCAO’s claim that in collaboration with community partners across the country they have significantly improved the health and economic security of more than 1.4 million individuals in 2015. They state that they are working to prevent hunger, falls and chronic disease. They encourage us to read their impact report.  6.10 am.


Does anyone else see a fit for a spot in Saskatchewan? for Ontario? for Quebec? for many other places all across Canada from coast to coast?


___ … I do!

___ … I see  an enormous opportunity…eh!

___ … and I would like to try to muster up support.

___ … in the U.S., CDSME and falls prevention are rapidly gaining in popularity.

___ … Go4Life is another successful model.

___ … seriously, Canadians should look into ALCs

___ … why bankrupt Canada over health care costs when ___ … much of the problem can be easily resolved with a little common sense and faith. Yes, there are plenty of challenges, but if we believe properly and if we follow through, nothing is impossible.


___ … any interest?

___ … any support?

_______________________6.33 am, 23.01.2016 ______________________



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