progress report, day 4 recovery

9.46 am, Saturday, 23.01.2016,

this is recovery report for day 4 for me:

this report may or may not be of interest to you but it may help someone.

___ … I am able to take deep full breaths

__ … able to sit down into a chair comfortably

__ … able to get up out of a chair comfortably

___ … able to get in and out of bed comfortably

___ … from 8.25 to 8.50, I walked 1500 steps comfortably, no pain and no discomfort

___ … able to move about, reach, turn to the side, bend down to pick items off the floor. ……………I feel very content and satisfied.

___ … had a very nice breakfast

___ … hope to shave, and ___ … planning to shampoo my hair today

___ … don’t have nail trimmers to trim one fingernail that is snagged

but I am still asking myself __ … what can I do? ___ … what must I NOT do?

___ … where and when are there limitations and restrictions or special precautions?

11.01 am, 23.01.2016, just had a shave, a shampoo and a sponge bath, changed my t shirt feel 100% better, 11.03


notice how little it takes to feel better!





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