with the washing of water by the word!

4.55 am., Sunday, 24.01.2016,

___ … again, we’re talking about physical health and emotional wellness and then spiritual life as a continuum. ___ … if we get started right, it only gets better, the more we are into it ___ … righteously.  ___ … the washing of water by the word is an essential and a critical part of the process. If and when we seek to understand God’s word, progressively there are wonderful changes in our thinking, in our feelings and emotions and in our habitual behavior. Repeat the process enough and as our understanding and  belief grow and as our faith grows, it will stick. It’s a total process, if we receive what we are told in God’s word. Again, as I see it, God is not fully satisfied with minor improvements. God our Father in heaven wants total perfection and God expects holiness perfected in the fear of God.  – see 2 Corinthians 7:1

ASK for more references. Read God’s word!   Learn to cherish God’s promises!

___ … once one has an adequate level of understanding of God’s truth with strong faith, it only gets easier.

___ … but, But, BUT, all of the fear and all of the uncertainty and doubt and unbelief must be eliminated, out of our head and out of our heart and out of our life, first.

___ … Sir, Ma’am:

___ … do you see this truth?

___ … are you still with me today?

__ … that is good, ’cause you’re in the home stretch!

___ … are you interested in knowing just a little bit more?

_________________   6.00 am, Sunday, 24.01.2016   __________________________

this content added 6.25 am, 24.01.2016. Who wants physical health, emotional wellness and all of the blessings of the perfected spiritual life for themselves and for their family and friends and God willing for their community too?


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