seriously, ___ … please consider speaking the truth in love,

2.21 am., Monday, 25.01.2015.


___ … are we on the same team?

___ … is a friendship possible for us?

___ … is a working relationship possible for us?

___ … may I make you a fresh coffee or get you a hot cup of tea? …cream?

___ … please consider why you and I would choose to seek to speak the truth in love

___ … decided to start today’s post early  …because and because …

___ … I have a lot in my head and much in my heart that I would just love to share

___ … if and when, we read Ephesians 4:3, 12, 13, 14, 15 ….. together __ … and then if we pause long enough to recognize what is now possible and then realize what can now be accomplished if we believe and if we act in faith without fear, without uncertainly and without doubt!


If you do want physical health and mental and emotional wellness and if you do want spiritual life for you and yours

……………what needs to be done individually and collectively


Yes, I’m believing for a health, wellness and healing center!

___ … do I believe? …yes!

___ … am I acting in faith?  …yes!

___ … am I looking to Jesus as the author and as the finisher and as the absolute perfecter of my faith …yes I am!



O.K., so what is next?

___ … what do we do?

___ … we speak the truth in love!

___ …  that we may grow up into Christ in all things!

___ … what do we NOT do?

___ … we stop pretending

___ … we stop hiding the truth

___ … we stop playing games

Now, that you and I have gotten this far, what do we say? It is now 3.33 am. My inguinal hernia operation was Tuesday January 19th, so today is day 5 of my recovery. Yesterday I rested all day because the surgery site became swollen and I turned black and blue. Searched the internet for: rehab after inguinal hernia repair. Found  insightful information that  should have been thoroughly reviewed prior to my giving consent for this operation.


___ … I’ll add this here: Father, I am very thankful that You are taking care of me and that You had me extensively prepare physically for this physical ordeal.


___ … Father, I recognize again that this is all part of us learning to overcome all obstacles, barriers, blocks, difficulties Your Way by us turning to You immediately in absolute faith without fear, uncertainty or doubt. -4.04 am.


___ … Father, help me here. I’m surrounded by Christians who don’t understand the truth and who don’t care to and by worldly and ungodly people in pretty much the same rocky boat.         –


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