is there not an exploding need now for perfected Christian Convalencent Care?

2.22 am.,  Wednesday, 27.01.2016

Sir, Ma’am:

___ … if you are asking: “what that might be?

___ … by doing the word and by doing the work and by doing the Father’s will.

___ … there is a gradual and/or a steady and/or a speedy return to health and to  wellness and to life after an illness, an injury, a surgical operation or one of many of life’s setbacks – 4.11 am.

___ … what all can members of the household of faith do to fully prepare themselves for this much needed and spiritually sound service?

___ … what is the turning point for each person?  -4.25 am.



___ … I could write an entire book about what all to do to make countless improvements.

___ … Father, do You want me to write this book?

___ … Father, is it time to make the effort to offer this as a service to Saskatchewan communities?

___ … and then offer to help in every way possible interested Canadian communities a Mari usque ad Mare?   -4.45 am.


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