___ … if any man hear my voice, ___ … and open the door,

___ … I will come in to him

___ … and will sup with him,

___ … and he with me  -8.41 am, 29.01.2016

but, But, BUT are we ready?

and have we prepared?

have we made any of the changes required of us?

first, have we changed our mind set?

second, have we changed our bad  attitudes?

third, have we changed any of our bad habits?

___ … do we see eye to eye?

__ … do we ever totally agree, spiritually?

see Revelation 3:19-21, see Luke 12:34-47 and review 1 Corinthians 1:10   – 9.03 am.

What I’m being shown is  a HUGE breakthrough and a thrilling breakout opportunity taking shape for believers who will take the time and make the effort to get themselves ready and fully prepare. – 9.21 am

What are we doing individually?

What are we doing togther collectively?

___ … are we endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit

___ … in the bond of peace

___ … do we all speak the same thing

___ … no divisions

___ … are we perfectly joined together

___ … in the same mind

___ … in the same judgment

Are we ready to become a TEAM?  do we want to become a TEAM in Christ? head/heart/hands  – physical, emotional, mental, social, interpersonal and spiritual too! -10.03 am.



I am being shown again and again and again that “everything” has been taken care of, except for our willingness to actively participate.


___ … who has anything to say?


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