Pssst! … discover for yourself that the key to successful health care for all Canadians can be free and could be free indeed!

4.56 am, 02.02.2016,

___ … but, But, BUT,

___ … from day one, and then 24/7, it must work like this:

1, Yes, we are all of us on the same page and in the same paragraph.

2, we are NOT in two different worlds, NOR light years apart.

3, Yes, we do fully agree and Yes, we do see eye to eye.

4, Yes, we do communicate.

5, Yes, we do connect.

6, YES, we do work well together.

7, NO contention!

8, NO strife!

9, there is harmony!

10, and Yes, there is abundant LIFE!

so where in Canada are folks interested …eh? is there a spot in Saskatchewan? in Ontario? in the 22,000 square mile Laurentian Region north of Montreal? or …? …?

11, if you and I are in tune

12, ___ … say: “Yes!”


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