more about our power points

5.15 am., 05.02.2016,

___ …power points can be emotional and they can be spiritual too!

__ … has anyone ever said or did something to you that really hurt .

___ … and it still hurts when you think about it or are reminded about it.

___ … it takes more than a good muscle massage to ease this discomfort

___ … AND to resolve for good, these particular problems

___________5.29 am., 05.02.2016__________

___ … but, they can be.

___ … there is a way.

____________5.30 am, 05.02.2016______________

___ … I’ll make some time for you, if you want to talk.

___ … I’m believing for a health and wellness and a special healing center.

________________it is now 8.45 am., 05.02.2016 _________________

I realize that I now have a thousand pressure points that I have not had for years and I’m being shown exactly why.


Are there are any older seniors or elders who would join me for a spell and volunteer to take on fitness and become active role models for younger adults in their 30s and 40s and middle aged adults in their 50s and 60s who have chosen to become inactive because of their age and who now have serious fitness and health problems as a consequence of doing things wrong and for not doing the right things right and righteous.     – 8.56 am.


___ … but this can be corrected …eh!   – 9.00 am.


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