going from “surprise-surprise!” to “no surprise!”

5.05 am, Saturday, 06.02.2016,

___ … I had day surgery Tuesday January 19th, 2016 at City Hospital.

___ … knowing what I know now, I would have prepared differently!”

so, I’m asking myself and I’m asking the Canadian public: is offering “quality”or “High Quality” or even perfect Christian Convalescent Care a viable and a doable Canadian possibility at this time…eh? – 5.09 am.

__ … I believe that we can do much better and that we should make the effort!

___ … I have something workable and doable in mind, folks.

___ … I’m an 80 year old elder on a meagre pension,

___ … and I’m still in recovery after my day surgery

___ … but still, “it’s on me, initially.”

___ … who is interested?

___ … anyone?


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