what should we say and what do we do when a friend is diagnosed with ulcers?

6.28 am, Sunday, 07.02.2016,

___ … anything I say or post is subject to immediate edit at anytime.

__ … I’m on a steep learning curve for myself and for others.

first, what do we think about and what do we believe??

X and  -ve, … or +ve and righteous

second, how do we feel about ourselves and how do we feel towards others?

“again, negative or positive? … then, good or righteous?”

third, how can I help my friend? what can I encourage her to do to help herself?

I can pray for her and I could pray with her.

___________________6.50 a.m., 07.02.2016 ______________________________

any suggestions for me?

any suggestions for my good friend?

___ … anyone?

____________________7.20 am, 07.02.2016 __________________

___ … who will read Psalm 103:2, 103:3 and 103:11 with me … sometime today? … anytime today?


___________________7.45 am, 07.02.2016____________________


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