… I’m ready to walk out on a limb!

5.04 pm., Sunday, 14.02.2016

__ … here is an important message for any person of any age wanting their health back after an illness, an injury or surgery.

___ … there is plenty of misinformation, but an alarming lack of good stuff.

rehabilitation efforts stand to benefit enormously from being fully Informed of the full range of G-therapy options currently being used successfully but applied only sporadically.  – 5.07 pm, I’ll be back with more detail. -5.33 pm

___ … when did I write about us needing to learn how to apply good common sense and strong faith.

___ … I’m looking forward to working with you Sir and with you Ma’am, if you are ready and willing to take back the healthy territory which has been lost unnecessarily.  -5.47 pm

___ … “Happy Valentine’s Day!”


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