I’ve been in a unique “pampered recovery” for the past 26 days!

2.47 am, Monday, 15.02.2016

I’ve been in the pamper mode.

One month ago tomorrow, I had a right inguinal hernia repaired and I’ve been in “recovery” if you can believe it, agonizing and wrestling with what I can safely do     with what I should do    to speed my safe recovery      and with what exactly I must NOT do which may interfere with my recovery until the tissues have had the time they need to “heal” properly.  I’m still asking, but I’m ready      to ease into        a uniquely “customized” rehab program.    – 2.53 am

___ … X, who is aware of how much fitness a person can lose in as little as 12 to 24 hours?    ___ … let alone 28 days? – 3.08 am                                       ___ … or in 40 years – 6.33 am

___ … Canada/Canadians a Mari usque ad Mare, please think about this situation just a little bit more:… because ….  Opportunity is knocking at our door.

___ … If Canada and Canadians do want health and wellness

___ …  and if we do want to maintain good physical health and then after that, if we do want to maintain emotional, and social and interpersonal wellness

___ …. we must come to terms with what needs to be done …eh!

___ … Thank You Father for the abundance of blessings You shower on me!

Father, I repent of turning to my own feelings and emotions today. Forgive me. It has been a tough day. – 6.33 pm

___ … Thank You Lord Jesus for the spiritual strength and spiritual power You give to me so often and so easily!

Lord Jesus, I’m trying to empty everything out of my head and my heart to make room for You. I’m not sure what to do or how to do this, but I’m looking to You and asking our Father in Your Name and calling out to You. – 6.45 pm.

___ … Thank You Holy Spirit for guiding me to all truth, even during the night when I could roll over and go back to sleep or get up to do this post and start this newest and latest rehab program.

<([ ___ … aaah, that feels so good! – 7.45 am ])>

___ … believe it or NOT, I am starting from scratch and     ( [ < aaah!, it does feel good! > ) ] .

___ … I’m asking to be shown how to grow younger physically and how to grow stronger physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, interpersonally and spiritually, even though I am now in my 80th year.

___ … in a way that I can easily share with others of all ages, but in a way that is pleasing to You Father.

___ … I’m still believing for a health, wellness and healing center.

_____________________4.01 am, 15.02.2016 _______________

___ … One more question today: Who is aware of how much younger and how much stronger a person can become if they believe it possible and work at it?

___ … Sir, Ma’am, do you know that this applies equally to adults in their 30s, 40s and 50s    ……..to seniors in their 60s and 70s                  …………… to elders in their 80s                        ………..and even to frail elders In their 90s  …eh!

___ … who will choose to be physically healthy in 2016?  but not in the conventional way   …..too many exercise programs strengthen the wrong muscles …………and aggravate existing dysfunctions.

___ … who will choose to be emotionally and mentally well?

___ … and who will choose spiritual life?    – 4.22 am

_____________________7.11 am, 15.02.2016 _______________

___ … I am believing for a health and wellness and healing centre.

___ … I am ready to begin

___ … This week is the week of February 14th to February 20th, 2016

___ … AND, God willing, I will get started this week.

___ … already, I have started a very unique program for this 80 year old which will prepare him to help others who hope to be fit and who desire to be well.

___ … so, who is sick and tired of being sick and tired? and who wants out of the mess they are currently in??  Know this, that there are likely things you could do and things you should do which will safely help you in countless ways.

___ … don’t say “screw it” and give up, let’s talk about what can be done and check it out.

___ … and God willing, this will be the door opener for many adults in their 30s, 40s and 50s, for older adults in their 60s, for seniors in their 70s, for young elders in their 80s and for older and frail elders in their 90s or older who still have hope.

____ … Do you remember that Moses was 120 when he climbed to the top of Mount Pisgah, that is over against Jericho.

___ … BUT where will this be done?

___ … in Saskatchewan?, in Ontario? or in the Laurentian Region?

___ … first requirement is a place or places for movement and activity or better yet a very wide and even a comprehensive variety of functional activities.

___… the second necessity is an available place or places with the proper suitable spaces as needed.

___ … the third, fourth and fifth essentials are to be enunciated.   – 8.09 am.


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