Day two of my new rehab program and I’m in agony, … because …

5.01 am, Tuesday, 16.02.2016.

My recovery after surgery a month ago has been two thumbs up!!

I’ve had no pain and little discomfort from day one, so why agony now?

___ … I’ve been progressively active, mobile and functional since day one of this month long recovery. I know someone who went back to work full time the day after surgery.

__ … Nevertheless, I had a masssive altercation with L___ in the dining room yesterday and a BIG fight with one of my best friends later in the afternoon over what I could or could not do on day one of this new rehab program.

___ … yes, I want to ease back into full functionality without any setbacks. But what are the guidelines:     ___ … and where are they??

___ … don’t start too soon   ___ … don’t wait too long to start

___ don’t do too much too soon   ___ … don’t do too little

___ … yes, ease back into it gradually, but what does that mean?

___ … lots of don’tdothis or that but no helpful/useful guidance!

  • ___ … the longer we wait the more danger of overdoing it because when we are not using our 400 skeletal muscles correctly we slip into dysfunction-al-i-ty which is where most people are today and where I hope not to go.

perpetually, I’m told: be careful, don’t overdo it, oooh no!, you shouldn’t do that! you’ll hurt yourself.  – 5.33 am


They don’t know how to use their own muscles correctly.


so Why attack me when I’m diligently seeking the truth and the correct understanding of the truth to apply to recovery and rehabilitation?   Is it fear?  ignorance? lack of love? slothful? lukewarm? high-minded? Is it because

… they received not the love of the truth? – see 2 Thessalonians 2:10. As for me, I’ve been asking, seeking and knocking and believing. – see Matthew 7:7-8 and see Mark 9:23.


_________________5.45 am., 16.02.2016 ______________

Thank You Father!     …Thank You Lord Jesus!      …Thank You Holy Spirit!           – 5.47 am   for yesterday’s problems and for today’s opportunity to move on!! – 6.01


I know that if this program catches on and has any amount of success that there will be viscious attacks because, because and because. ……     but, I am encouraged by Deuteronomy 30:6 and 8


I could  be wrong, but I do believe that I have a special calling to do this at least for a season. Want to talk about this … rationally? Anytime! If you will listen attentively for 2 or 3 minutes, I’ll make a case. Starting with John 14:4, John 15:4-5, John 16:1-3, Ephesians 6:12 and other scriptures which all help to paint a clear picture.

what is the real challenge …eh? it is for believers to overcome their fears and doubts as they diligently seek the truth, knowledge of the truth, genuine faith in Jesus, patience and God’s perfect love. … God’s word and common sense help.   – 6.09 am


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