___ … finally, it hit me!

3.12 am, Wednesday, 17.02.2016,

___ …I’m attacked visciously by a person 10 years younger and by another 30 years younger than myself for my wanting to lift something that was “too heavy” for me ___ … so soon after my surgery.

___ … how can an 80 year old lift, climb stairs and do all sorts of exercises safely when it is a huge challenge for them?

___ … Yesterday, I was demonstrating  my air bench exercise to a hockey Mom. She has a teen age son who plays hockey. His coach told the son that he should do this exercise 2 or 3 times daily. I know why. She knows why. The two people who attacked me the day before yesterday don’t know why. They both have serious health problems due to muscle dysfunction but they do know so much more this olde guy.

___ … life in the fast lane works this way.

___ … lots of questions need answers

___ … lots of problems begging for solutions

___ … the air bench is one of many valuable exercise to know about and to apply correctly if you are 16 or 50, 65 or 80 or 95 ….if you want to be physically healthy and strong, active and functional without back pain and without a whole host of common dysfunctions which are usually correctable.

___ … Your choice.  – 3.37 am.

___ … who prefers pain and dysfunction and who wants the truth?

______________5.05 am., 17.02.2016 _____________________

Who wants worsening dysfunction? and on going pain?


…..   Who will choose an ever growing plethora of minor and major complaints?  


….. and who prefers to     do the truth?                         – 5.10 am.


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