it is now day 5 and I would very like to go scouting today!

Friday, 19.02.2016, 3.45 am.

Anyone interested in a permanent cure for that chronic sore back?

___ … or for whatever ails you physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, interpersonally and most importantly for whatever ails you spiritually.    …eh!

___ … all ages are eligible   …eh!

___ … Any Saskatchewan person or special interest group interested in healing one or more cases of Parkinson’s Disease …in 2016? or will we spend another 40 years in the wilderness first? That will be 2056 … eh!

___ … drop by or set up an appointment.

___ … I have a 40″ round table available.

___ … we could set and have a coffee or a tea.

___ … we could sit and chat for 5, 10, 15 minutes!

___ … I prefer face to face and eyeball to eyeball   …eh!

___ … it doesn’t take long to know if we can communicate or NOT

___ … and can we work together or NOT.  – 4.05 am, 19.02.2016

XXX someone or something is messing with my computer – 4.15 am

is this a way for someone to get their “jollies”?

___ … I will endure with the spiritual strength Jesus gives me and I will overcome with the spiritual Power Jesus gives me … so have your fun now whoever you are while it lasts   …eh?     – 4.20 am.

The title today should read: it is now day 5 and I would very much like to go scouting today!    – 4.32 am

…… and what do I want to go scouting for?




___ … aaah!  …………………….yes, a believer!

….ask………….seek………….knock…….endure..                                   – 5.05 am.

___ … at 5.25 am, this realization came to me __ … I’m hoping to enrich my personal rehab program with some very high quality professional input. Yes, I am very knowledgeable and well experienced in making exercise mistakes and in correcting them too but I am still learning lots every day and on some days I’m learning new insight every hour, and I know that I am still learning and so I keep an open mind and listen and ask questions and look for and search for those who pay close attention to detail and to subtleties.      – it is now 5.36 am.   You understand or you do NOT understand.

___ …  day 5 is moving on … it is now 7.35 am. My total pedometer step count for the day is now over 4,000 steps. This includes 3 sets of 500 brisk steps done in 5 minutes each about 1/2 hour apart. I’m looking for restricted ROM and stiffness in the major walking muscles …the hamstring, quads, adductors, adductors, hip flexor. I wish I had a way to determine how much my shoulders are rounded and how much my head is leaning forward. I would like to strengthen the Trapezius and release the Rhomboid.

___ … We lose plenty of fitness and conditioning in just a few days and much more in a few weeks.

___ … anyone and everyone recovering from an illness, injury or surgery needs some and perhaps much MORE quality evaluation and accurate assessments input in order to do enough of the right things and to avoid doing too much or going too fast or moving too slow and reducing the good to excellent rehab end results. Is it here and there and I’m just not finding it?   Where are my walking notes from Wendy Baumgartner?

Yes, ….I’d like to go scouting today?           – 7.59 am.

___ … 8.09 am, here is a thought! …..perhaps there is a need and a place for a volunteer who would take some training to learn what to look for and to act as a spotter for seniors and elders who have had an illness or injury or a surgery and they need help during the recovery period and into their special customized rehab program! – 8.12 am



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