ok, now that I am 80 years old, my hope and desire is to grow 30 years younger and stronger within a year or two!

5.49 am., Saturday, 20.2016,

_____ …. had a day surgery at City Hospital, Tuesday, January 19th, 2016.

_____ ….. treated to a de lux and pampered recovery for one month.

_____ ….. today is Day 6 of my shining new *** customized rehab program.

_____ ….. I will briefly review my day yesterday for those who might be interested in what is being done at this point to achieve this very ambitious and most unusual goal.

_____ ….. Yesterday/Day 5, at 8.30 pm, I reset my step counter at 12,929 steps.

_____ ….. during the day, I did several sets of 500 steps in a 5 minute time frame using a stop watch and counting my steps to verify the accuracy of the pedometer reading.

_____ ….. I also did stairs and ROM moves and I did more.

_____ ….. I mildly stretched several key muscle groups such as the hamstrings and quadriceps. Permit me to explain in detail what I mean by mildly stretching. If you come with me to the revised and expanded fourth edition of The Stark Reality of Stretching 1997 and Chapter 15 and 16 ….. we’ll pick it up there. What exactly did I do and why??

_____ ….. know this Sir/Ma’am, that all things are possible to him that believeth.   _____ ….. < to him or to her that believeth spiritually of course>  – see Mark 9.23 akjv.

____ ….. who is genuinely interested in the details? – 5.55 am.

_____ ….. truth and reality ….. fully documented … eh!

_____ ….. shall you and I meet on that sunny side of the street one day? – 6.01 am

_____ ….. how soon? – 6.31 am.

________________________ 7.02 am, 20.02.2016 ________________________

the truth and reality, the hard cold facts fully documented, detail, subtleties, precision and perfection. “Are you delighted at the prospects?” “……..or are you horrified!” – 7.05 am.


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