will any of today’s exercise experts help me this time? or am I on my own again!

5.55 am, Sunday, 21.02.2016

____ ….. a few years ago, I fell and broke my left shoulder and I had physical therapy. After the break was healed, I asked for strength training. I was refused on the grounds that I had high blood pressure.  I went to the Saskatoon Field House and asked there, but I was refused again for the same reason. (for the same excuse).

____ ….. so I went to work to design my own program. I turned 80 in October 2015. As of one month ago, I was climbing up and down 120 flights of stairs some days in 20 minutes. I would climb up and down stairs all day after this workout, but I did not keep track of the number of times after the initial set.

_____ …..on 1/3 of the stairs I would carry weights …. holding them in various positions.

_____ …. as best as I was able, I tried to be mindful of and made an all out effort to maintain good posture as best as I was able to discern.

_____ ….. I didn’t have a spotter.

_____ ….. I carried weights up to 45 # up and down stairs.

_____ ….. I ask and seek and knock and I believe.

____ ….. Now that I have had surgery and have been off my former fitness program for five weeks, I realize that I need to start all over from scratch and very carefully ease back into a comprehensive program which will eventually catch up and then surpass the former program.

_____ ….. I have a new concern which is there anything I could possibly do ever that might aggravate the surgery site?

_____ ….. Any useful information available that can be recommended to me? Any relevant understanding, knowledge, insight, case histories, personal experiences?

_____ ….. or, am I alone in this quest and on my own again?

_____ ….. actually, I’m not alone!

_____ ….. Thank You, Father!

____________________________ 6.39 am, Sunday, 21.02.2016 ________________

The *** exercise program which my hope and desire to design and develop is one suitable for any adults in their 30s and 40s, older adults in their 50s and 60s, seniors in their 70s and elders in their 80s and 90s – 6.55 am.

_____ ….. anyone is welcome to participate in any one of a number of ways and anyone can reap the benefits.

_____ ….. head forward with rounded shoulders is a very common and easily corrected malady

_____ ….. and overuse of the arms can lead to serious shoulder problems when there is weak stabilization and muscle dysfunction.

_____ ….. From head to toe, there are 400 skeletal muscles in the human body and each muscle has it’s job to do. There are many other problems which will show up if we are lax

_____ ….. do you want to learn how to be proactive and be blessed and avoid all of these silly problems?


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