Rebounding has now become a key part of this new and exciting *** 3 Star grow younger anti aging Rehab program

12.12 pm, Tuesday, 23.02.2016,

Yesterday, I rebounded for one minute on a mini trampoline I had purchased years ago and never used.

today, I rebounded for two minutes making very conservative jumps. …barely letting my feet leave the surface of the rebounder.

___ … waited 10 minutes

___ … the second time, I rebounded for two minutes again, but this time jumped higher, then simulated walking with my weight first on one foot and then the other and then thirdly I vigorously shifted my full weight first onto one foot and then onto the other as I continued to bounce. I was breathing rapidly so I was definitely putting in effort.

___ … immediately,  I climbed up 4 flights of stairs….effortlessly. There was no tightness anywhere in either of my leg muscles. Climbing the stairs was an effortless joy!

___ … fyi ….I am an 80 year old guys 8 days into an exciting self designed grow stronger rehab anti aging program one month and 8 days after an inguinal hernia repair January 19th. I took one month off from exercising to heal.

went on line and checked out what a few sights had to say. All good, … but one site caught my attention and I’ll recommend it to anyone who is serious about their health. The site is the article is 10 health benefits of rebounding June 5, 2014 by Lori  – 12.32 pm.

My thinking about using the trampoline for anti aging is this: We have 639 muscles. 400 muscles are skeletal. we have stabilizers and mobilizers. To build fitness safely, we must slowly build both sets in balance from head to toe without some muscle groups getting too strong too fast and others not receiving the correct amount of training leading to injury and dysfunction and people get discouraged, lose confidence and quit trying  …..a sad state of affairs! 1.12 pm

____________________ 1.13 pm, Tuesday, 23.02.2016 ________________

picture this: 70 year old seniors and 80 year old elders who train *correctly are stronger and in better shape and in better health than your average 50 or 60 year old. – 1.16 pm


BUT, …but, But, BUT: detail and attention to detail is critical. Yes, detail is critical. And I’ll say it again: learn how to do it right! ….because detail is critical!    – 1.21 pm.


this edit added 9.01 am, Thursday, 25.02.2016, let us review, the early goals and objectives and aims, etc.,


_____ ….. what has happened long term and recently?

_____ ….. identify pressure points and any movement dysfunctions

_____ ….. evaluate your current state of health and wellness

_____ ….. learn to sit up straight

_____ ….. learn to stand up from sitting in a chair 30-35 times each day

_____ ….. now, stand up straight

_____ ….. learn how to walk in proper form

if and when you are ready to have _____ ….. that rubber hit the road _____ ….. we’ll move on … eh!  – 9.15 am

_____ ….. time to identify and set up a plan to correct in proper sequence movement error



_____ ….. You’ll learn how to walk up to 10,000 steps in a day, but in correct form




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