foot care as one way to serve … eh!

1.20 am, Wednesday, 24.02.2016,

__ … I’m hoping for opportunity to offer foot care as a service …..

___ … foot care to older adults, seniors, elders, to the poor and needy

___ … foot care to their care givers

___ … soon.

Father, Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit …in Jesus Name, guide me to all the truth on this topic – 1.21am.

___ … teach me what all to do

___ … and how to do each part.

___ … foot massage

___ … washing the feet

please provide me with a list of ailments with signs, symptoms, indications, red flags to watch for

___ … teach me what to say

__ … teach me what to do

by love serve one another – see Galatians 5:13, edit 2.18 am

___ … I do foot circles, 40 each way for each foot

___ … and I do point flexes, 20 each way for each foot

___ … the source of this info: The Egoscue Method of Health Through Motion, Pete Egoscue, Collins, 1992.

___ … Jesus tells us, in plain English, to wash one another’s feet. – edit 8.20 am/24th

see John 13:13-17, – 1.37 am.

____________________  2.12 am, Wednesday, 24.02.2016 ____________________


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