foot care 101 is now in full development … eh!

1.01 am, Thursday, 25.02.2016,

_____ ….. foot care 101 is in development …eh!

_____ ….. foot care as one way to serve yourself and others … eh!

_____ ….. yours truly wants to learn all about foot care

_____ ….. practice, practice, practice _____ ….. hoping to make perfect

_____ …..  and then, zealously “go and do”

see yesterday’s post: foot care as one way to serve … eh, posted 23 to 24 hours ago at 1.20 am, 24.02.2016.

_____ ….. I’m trying out foot care on my own two feet and so far “it’s great!”

just did a foot massage on both feet ….oooh!,  felt sooo good!

___ … gently rubbed and massaged each foot top to bottom,  front to back and side to side


___ … next, 40 foot circles in both directions in both ankles and not in the knees.

___ … 20 point/flexes again in each ankle and not in each knee.  see Pete Egoscue’s  Health through Motion, p 100/101


___ … 1.39 am computer is running out of battery power    …needs charging.


___ … 2.10 am. edit, added a now to foot care 101 is in development.


___ … from 6.10 to 7.20 last evening, I did 3 sets of the following: __ … sat and stood up and then ___ … walked 50 steps to a second chair where I ___ … sat, stood up and ___ … walked back the 50 steps. This was repeated 5 times each set for a total of 10 standing up and 500 steps. The three sets totalled 30 times standing and 1500 steps to bring my total steps to well over 10,000  for the day.

…… the time taken would have been just over 15 minutes.

_____ ….. plans are to return to this site daily and add comments which provide additional insight into how to provide this service properly as a believer should.

we are told that we are to by love serve one another. – see Galatians 5:13 and we are told to love our neighbour as ourselves. – see Matthew 22: 36-40.    ___ … Father, I’m working on all three commandments – 2.34 am.


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