today’s post is “About me”

5.15 am, 26.02.2016,

_____ ….. today’s post is intended to provide readers with information about me.

_____ ….. So, I’m asking myself: what would a reader want to know about yours truly?

_____ ….. This is a first draft, so please be patient with me.


1/, God willing, I’m ready to do some real exciting stuff to help myself and to help others and to do all of it God’s way

as my faith grows and my knowledge of God’s ways grows.


2/, I’m ready to offer to arrange for a unique package of personal care and several health care services based on my personal experience and on their determined need.


3/, I’m hoping to start a website immediately to provide a clear and complete understanding of what I have in mind to do and what I believe can and will be be accomplished if we use good common sense and turn to God in faith.


4/, I’m looking for a suitable name for a website of this nature.


5/, I’m ready to take up on their current website offer.   -5.57 am


6/, hopefully, the whole nine yards of the care needed by adults, older adults, seniors and elders to meet all of the challenges those who are still seeking physical health face day by day through mental and emotional sand traps that come along to the social, interpersonal and spiritual pressure points in their lives will be suitably addressed with the intent that whatever help is available is identified. If there are shortfalls and deficiencies, this too will be addressed.


7/, I see a GREAT opportunity to provide help to others who need help, help which is currently ignored, frequently over looked and too often missed out altogether.



____ ………………………… AND


8/, Who wants to save the Health Care System Billions of Dollars ?  ….for good use elsewhere?


9/, Who wants to save the Health Care System, period?


10/, Who wants to help the poor and needy in our communities all across Canada, a Mari usque ad Mare?


__________________________6.32 am, Friday, 26.02.2016 ___________________

I believe that like minded 80 year old elders like myself can easily be as healthy, and as well and as fit as seniors, older adults and adults who are ten years younger, twenty years younger and thirty years younger if and when they believe it their head and in their heart and then just do it, but do it right and do it righteously. -6.43 am


God willing, I’ll be an example and a role model – 6.46 am.


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