today’s anti aging program’s progress report and today’s praise report

5.59 -6.00 am, 27.02.2016

_____ ….. there are signs, symptoms, red flags and indications of illness and disease and dysfunction which we can learn about    …..if and when we choose to.

_____ ….. if and when we learn what to do and how to do it and learn what NOT to do and refrain, then we are able to correct parts of the problem and *overcome the rest .

_____ ….. today’s little * refers to God’s righteous spiritual power able to combat and overcome every illness, disease or dysfunction.  _____ ….. if this statement is upsetting to you at this moment in time, it may still come to you at a later date. My hope for you is that in time _____ ….. you will get to see, that you will agree and that you will learn to apply this wisdom.

_____ ….. If and when we patiently work with the truth, after a time, we will realize and believe that illness and disease and dysfunction can be overcome, BUT that we need God’s help. We must turn to God for HIS help and NOT trust man and not trust men.

_____ ….. come visit me on the sunny side of the street for just a few minutes soon.

_____ ….. permit me to read Psalm 103:3 for you and for us.

_____ ….. you will see that there are no exclusions!

_____ ….. I believe that Psalm 103:3 is true.

_____ ….. if we agree the door is open!

____ ….. now, see Amos 3:3

______________________________ 6




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