….. wanted, a very small space to rent for the next 30-60-90 days suited to my current rehab needs as _____ …..

8.12 am., 27.02.2016,

“What is a suitable space?” – with a few needed and some essential features, a small space 10′ by 20′ would work. I have been active and functional all my life and I am resourceful. Now that I am past 80 my hope and dream is to remain strong and to stay functional for many years yet and God willing for decades to come.  – 4.33 am, 28.02.2016.

I see an opportunity to share with others much of what has been discovered so far, what I am learning and what I am being taught. – 4.36

_____ ….. I’ll look for the right spot in Saskatoon first and then in the Saskatoon Health Region.

_____ ….. does anyone see this GREAT opportunity that I see…..that I’ve been shown?  _____ ….. Who can see the whole picture or even a part of it?

_____ ….. I’m looking for a space suitable for the recovery and the rehab of a previously active and functional adults aged 30 or 40, to elders at 80 or 90 years of age who need a suitable place for a short season after a surgery, or an illness or an injury. What works well for an 80 year old, will in most cases work equally as well for a 50 year old. “Surprised?”  “Never thought of that?”

_____ ….. hopefully, I will help set up this space ideally for this use so that when I move on, the space is now available and is ready for the next adult in need of this same sort of space and which now has the needed services already thought out and these are now readily available too … eh!

Who is interested?  Who sees what I see? Who sees this as a very special opportunity to help many others who need this help and who really should get this help from their community? – 3.50 am Sunday, 28.02.2016

_____ ….. after the beginner phase _____ ….. comes a second stage of rehab and then the full return to functionality    _____ ….. equal to or better than the previous level! – 8.36 am.    see below: ” as easy as one-two-three, if we do this God’s Way!”

this edit added at 8.48 am, 27.02.2016 _____ ….. the idea is to help to develop an individual customize plan to include any mental, emotional, social and community concerns


_____ ….. and then, if and when a person is ready, the whole nine yards in the spirit and in truth:   relationship building, memory training, mental exercise, the ideal diet to promote health and to curb the salt, sugar and fat intake that encourages overeating with all of the dire consequences of overeating.  – 9.01 am

___________________- 8.21 am., 27.02.2016 _____________________

this edit added 9.24 am., 27.02.2016 to make the point that as I see it, we have 3 choices here folks:


1/, help design and develop and put into operation a Christ centered Christian Convalescent Care protocol.    – 9.29 am,



2/, in each individual case, do a comprehensive and complete evaluation of the perceived problems and the recovery care needed initially and the rehab care needed progressively later on.


3/, throw darts at a dartboard.


_____ ….. what is your thought on this matter?

_____ ….. where is your heart?

_____ ….. for you, is it give back time to your community?

_____ ….. who understands clearly and who understands naught?

_____ ….. please talk to me.    – 9.33 am.

_____________________________________9.49 am, 27.02.2016 ______

Between you and I and the gatepost, I believe that this project will be as easy as one-two-three if and when we choose to work together in harmony as a team and do all 0f it _____ ….. God’s way. – 9.49 am. ….. or it will bust. – 9.55.

Sir/Ma’am, _____ ….. with the right touch, it won’t take much! -4.55 am, Sunday, 28.02.2016

If this proposal doesn’t suit your taste, please think of the other person who would benefit?  – 5.13.am, 28.02.2016

another thought: to do this righteously, we must _____ …..seek to cover all of the bases,

_____ …   aim to be complete  and thorough

_____ ….. and NOT be SLOTHFUL

_____ ….. and NOT be hit and MISS                                 – 6.49 am., 28.02.2016.

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