2nd, volunteers with care needs and health care needs are needed to help demonstrate what an organized health and wellness center will provide which is otherwise missing

7.04 am.,- 7.54 am., 29.02.2016

title edit added at 8.03 am ….if needed care is absent and/or if the health care is incomplete      ….is it not obvious that in the end …..after all has been said and all has been done that the total care provided:

_____ ….. is “just NOT good enough …eh!!!” – 8.11 am.

_____ ….. is “unsatisfactory!”

_____ ….. is X, XX or XXX!!!

8.15 am., in other words changes are needed in how we think and in what we believe, in our attitudes, feelings and emotions and in our habits and day to day behaviour – 8.16 am.


if we want good results? or better results? and when we want perfect results every time! – 8.21


_____ ….. what must at least one person do?


or are Canadians

now satisfied with totally mediocre results?


I for one, hope not.


this content *edit added at 8.34 am., Sir/Ma’am, if and when we ask ourselves and ask God our Father in heaven: what care is missing that is needed ….. which can easily be provided and which if and when it is provided then our results will improve by leaps and bounds and more.

– 8.39 am.


_____ who sees what I see?

_____ who agrees?


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