3, in the areas of health and wellness and in overall care and in health care in particular Canadians appear to be losing ground fast!

4.20, 5.25 am 02.03.2016.

_____ ….. the quality of care varies from excellent to non existent.

_____ ….. long waiting lists are common

_____ ….. what else is notoriously noteworthy?

AND, Sir, Ma’am, in the areas of health and wellness, if you refuse to take care of your own health and your own wellness ____ ….. you are at risk of losing them permanently.   – 6.33 am./6.39 am.


Mr. and Mrs. Canada, you may not want to rely too heavily on today’s leaders for reform and for repair of care and health care, as they do not appear to be up to the demands of this job. – 6.44 am – 6.49 am 02.03.2016.


I believe that our own personal health care needs and the level of care we provide to others must be fully addressed very soon,                                                     or _____ ….. X, XX, XXX.


I believe that if we learn how to take good care of ourselves and if we choose to by love take care of others      that soon, active seniors in their 70s and functional elders in their 80s will no longer be looked at as being old and no longer treated as if they were old and they will become active and functional and contributing members of their community.


_____ ….. AND they will never needendless costly health care services.    – 7.37 am.


_____ ….. BUT if care providers and health care providers

_____ ….. withhold the truth

_____ ….. withhold relevant information

_____ ….. withhold individualized understanding

_____ ….. avoid honest face to face communication

_____ ….. makes up stories and tells lies _____ ….. deliberately

_____ ….. and intentionally

_____ ….. or do so due to indifference

_____ ….. and a lack of caring


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